Beginner’s Guides and Tips – MLB The Show 21 Guide


Beginner’s Guides and Tips – MLB The Show 21 Guide

MLB The Show 21 offers a relatively robust tutorial system that shows new players all of the options at their disposal. However, if you need a refresher on the

BEGINNER Hitting Tips in MLB The Show 21 – Practice Makes PERFECT PERFECT

Practice makes perfect, or so that’s what they’ve always said. For MLB The Show and hitting, this couldn’t be more true. In fact, practice makes perfect perfect. In this video, I will attempt to help you understand the PCI, timing, and having an approach when entering the batter’s box to help you get better at hitting in MLB The Show 21.

Keep in mind that no tip and no insider info will ever replace practicing and seeing different pitch types. Repetition is your friend.

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MLB The Show 21 Beginner Tips! Top Things You Need to MASTER!

MLB The Show 21 Beginner Tips To Get Wins ASAP

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MLB The Show 21 features new updates to Road to the Show, Custom Stadium Creator, improvements to March to October and Franchise mode, and a number of new gameplay updates. MLB The Show 21 releases on April 20, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Hitting Tips MLB The Show 22 (Tutorial & Tips)

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Hitting Tips MLB The Show 22 (Tutorial & Tips)

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0:00 Intro
1:28 1. Hitting View
2:27 2. Zone Hitting
3:32 3. Customize PCI
4:35 4. PCI Anchor
5:28 5. Understand Feedback
7:01 6. Be Early
8:26 7. Discipline
10:02 8. 2 Strike Hitting
10:45 9. Know Your Weakness
11:36 10. Normal Swings
12:09 11. Higher Difficulties
12:42 12. KontrolFreeks

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