Cleanrot Spear – Elden Ring Guide


Cleanrot Spear – Elden Ring Guide

The Cleanrot Spear is one of the spear Weapons in Elden

ELDEN RING™ Cleanrot Knight (Spear and Sickle ) Easy!/tid=CUSA28863_00

BEST Spear Guide in depth breakdown and review Elden Ring

Tired of getting poked by powerstanced seppuku spears? Well, sorry to say, it ain’t gonna stop.

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Soft Caps:
Damage Calc:

0:00 Intro
0:49 Spear Ranges
1:29 Counter-Attacks
2:20 Moveset Differences
4:35 Bolt of Gransax
5:57 Torchpole
6:09 Death Ritual Spear
7:02 (Rotten) Crystal Spear
8:02 Inquisitor’s Girandole
8:43 Cleanrot Spear
9:55 Regular Spears
10:56 Heavy/Fire
12:47 Lightning/Keen
13:43 Quality/Flame/Sacred
14:24 Magic
15:00 A Note on Powerstancing
15:40 Cold
16:12 Poison/Blood
17:25 Occult
19:23 Summary

Weapon AR calc (top left corner, File – Make a copy):
Kaj’s Whip Length:
The cute blue avatar I’m using is called Bugcat Capoo! The artist’s name is Yara (all credits to her):

Elden Ring – Best Cleanrot Spear Farm

Also a Cleanrot set farm and a Halo scythe farm if you do the scythe variants as well.

The drop rate for the spear appears to be much lower than every other item, I ended up with 5-10 of each armour piece and the swords.

Elden Ring – CRAZY RARE Weapon YOU MISSED! Cleanrot Spear Location Guide!

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Elden Ring – CRAZY RARE Weapon YOU MISSED! Cleanrot Spear Location Guide!


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