Mother/Android Review


Mother/Android Review

Hulu’s Mother/Android’s unlikeable characters and overreliance on genre tropes make what should be a thrilling journey feel like a slog.


What to watch on Hulu? What to watch on Netflix? Do you love movies like the terminator, RoboCop or I robot well don’t watch Mother/android as it may be one of the worst movies on Netflix devoid of any new ideas and a laughably low budget #theterminator #chloegracemoretz #motherandroid

Directed by Mattson Tomlin

starring: Chloë Grace Moretz , Algee Smith , Raúl Castillo

#android #robot #kickass
#netflix #cyborg #movie #scifi #sciencefiction #hulu #netflix

Mother/Android (2021) Sci-Fi Film Review

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Mother/Android Ending Explained & Spoiler Review

Mother/Android Ending Explained & Spoiler Review

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Mother/Android Review

I review the movie Mother/Android that was released on Netflix and Hulu. I discuss the story, explain the ending, and react to the film. The sc-fi movie is in a world where Androids have taken over and are trying to destroy humans.

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